Graduate Support Program

At Nativity Jesuit Academy, our work does not stop when our students graduate in 8th grade. Through our Graduate Support Program we walk alongside of students and their families through high school and into college.

High School Enrollment

The Graduate Support Program begins working with Nativity Jesuit students at the start of their 8th grade year as they navigate the application process for the college preparatory high schools they hope to attend. The Graduate Support Director guides students and families as they complete the high schools’ admissions and financial aid applications, the Milwaukee Parental Choice Program application, and as they make their final high school enrollment decisions.

Support Getting to College

The Graduate Support Program is staffed by a full-time program director who works cooperatively with the Nativity Jesuit graduates’ families and high-performing high schools to provide quality, individualized academic support. Working alongside our parents, many of whom may face language barriers or may have not graduated from high school themselves, we support and advocate for the best interests of our graduates and aim to help them excel after their time at Nativity Jesuit.

Mentoring Program

Nativity Jesuit graduates are matched with an adult mentor at the start of their freshman year of high school. Through monthly Nativity-facilitated conversations and other informal communication, the mentors help guide Nativity graduates through the successes and challenges they will encounter during their high school years.