magis /màh-gis/ (noun), 1. more, 2. greater, 3. the more universal good, 4. for the greater glory of God

Nativity Jesuit Academy educates youth for lives of Christian leadership and service. We believe that our commitment and support of our students extends beyond a graduation date and their time studying within our school’s walls. 

Our Graduates Face a Problem

Every year, multiple 8th graders cannot attend Marquette University High School because there are not enough available Choice voucher seats. Even with MUHS providing generous financial aid, some Nativity families cannot afford the remaining tuition balance. Because of this, our graduates look to attend high school at options other than MUHS. We believe that all of our graduates deserve to attend the #1 ranked school in the state, MUHS, regardless of their family’s financial status. 

Nativity Magis Society is the Solution

The Nativity Magis Society is a group of generous donors who also believe that our graduates deserve the best education possible and graciously support to make enrollment at MUHS a reality. Reflecting “magis,” a key element of Ignatian spirituality, the support of the Nativity Magis Society creates greater educational opportunities for our graduates. By continuing their Jesuit education at MUHS, our graduates further their path of being men for others. Your extraordinary impact on our graduates ensures the lasting, long-term and continued impacts of a proven Nativity education. 

Please Consider Joining the Nativity Magis Society

A gift of $5,406 fully funds the additional financial support necessary for one of our graduates to attend MUHS for one school year. We invite you to consider supporting the Nativity Magis Society. Your contribution will set off a chain reaction of positive educational opportunities, which in turn creates tremendous life opportunities, for our graduates. 


In addition to your financial support, we also encourage you to take advantage of the opportunity to support one of our graduates through our one-to-one mentoring program. As a mentor, your four-year commitment will provide invaluable guidance for our students as they transition from middle school to high school, and eventually as they begin to consider their future outlook after their high school graduation. Serving as a mentor is a great opportunity to build a relationship with one of our students and further strengthen the impact of your financial commitment on their lives.

To make a gift or to learn more about joining the Nativity Magis Society contact Emily Keuter at 414-645-1060 ext 151 or email