As a graduate of Nativity Jesuit Academy, you are a key part of our mission to create a wave of hope and possibility in our community.


In fact, you are the very best source of inspiration for our next generation of servant leaders. When you circle back to Nativity Jesuit to share yourself, your time, and your talent, you are living proof of the possibility for our students to achieve their full potential.


You can stay connected to the Nativity Jesuit family by volunteering. Learn more about volunteer opportunities by clicking here.


There are many ways to help. Supporting Nativity Jesuit financially is just one of them. Come speak to our students. Be a mentor. Participate in our networking program. Be a staff member or counselor at Camp Thunderhead. Click here to email the Graduate Support Program for more information.

2018 Nativity Jesuit Academy Graduation

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Director of Graduate Support
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